Bahá'í-Writings on WordCruncher eBook reader

Bahá’í Reference Library in different languages

- Multilanguage searching and multiple text windows and searching parallel in 2 or 3 different languages at once;

- Only the latest official writings are used, based on: for the English literature, and with the permission of the respective institutions of the National Spiritual Assemblies, such as the Bahá'í Publishing House in Germany, for translations;

- Usable on Windows 7+, Macintosh, iPhone and iPad;

- Multilingualism, the WordCruncher system is available in English, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Japanese, an unlimited number of translated Writings can be integrated and searched against each other;

- All texts are including hyperlinks to chapters, footnotes, etc. You can click on blue, underlined hyperlinks to look up a book or chapter in most eBooks. It is easy to follow the links and return to the starting point.

- WordCruncher is equipped with a very good help function;

- A very powerful search is integrated, which offers a variety of possibilities;

- The table of contents left in the picture shows a list of all chapters, paragraphs, etc. which can also be clicked to open a book, chapter or paragraph;

- After you have opened a text window by double-clicking in a Search Results window, you can use the shortcut keys: Alt+N and ALT+P to jump to the next or previous results.

- When copying the text, document names and other information are added at the same time, like: (/ Ridván Messages of the Universal House of Justice / Ridván 2010 / 167BE / 31).

The development of the library in different languages is in a testing phase, we thank you for your help.

Download Wordchruncher eBook Reader and the needed language files

Install WordCruncher eBook reader on Windows as described below

How to add eBooks to your Library

This version is still in development, for testing and improving the Tool and the Library.

Use the Lightbox for the pictures to see more...

1. Select Open Book… from the WordCruncher File menu;

2. Click on My Bookshelf, you can delete it and add your own like "Bahá'í Writings";

3. You can click on Add Book to the Bookshelf, and load the "Bahá’í Reference Library", all available books are included;

3.1 You can click on the Bookshelf "Bahá'í Writings" and add other Bookshelfs like "Messages of the Universal House of Justice", the Ridván Messages in 3 languages etc.

4. Go to your Bookshelf and Click on Add Book to add the corresponding books;

5. Find your book on your disk drive, click on it, and click Open to put the book on your bookshelf;

6. Click Open again to view the eBook in WordCruncher;
    • UPDATES: If a book is updated, close WordChruncher and download the file to the same place as the old file on your devise and reopen WordChruncher to use the updated document;

    • Click on the book in your user library and select Remove from the Options menu;
    • NOTE: This removes it from the User Library, but leaves the file on your computer. It does NOT delete files!

More informational videos about the use of WordCruncher you can find here.

Have fun trying all the features of WordCruncher and the Database "Bahá'í Writings".

If you have any question, you can try to have a look in the Help Section, use "F1" or please write me on the Contact Form.

It will also very useful if you send me your Ideas and recommendations concerning the Database etc.

To get the search window to the right

1. Open a book and open up the Search window.

2. At the top, click on the "Window" tab and click on "Dockable Tool Window", see picture.

To get more information about WordCruncher see there Webpräsentation

Your folder structure could be

- BahaiWordCruncher
                - EN
                - DE
                - FA
                - RU

Make your folders on a place convenient for you and download the files into it as in the downlaod structure.

Download WordCruncher.exe on a place convenient for you, start to install the file WordCruncher.exe as usual.

How to install WordCruncher!

WordCruncher eBook on iOS devices

First download the Bahá’í Reference Library.etbu file, (this is the full English library), to your PC.
You can also download the other etbu files as you want.

Second install "WordCruncher" from the App Store

After that:
1. Connect your device to your computer (Mac or PC).
2. Open iTunes
3. Click on the “Devices” button.
4. Click on “File Sharing” in the left column.
5. Click on the WordCruncher icon.
6. Drag the WordCruncher book to the WordCruncher Documents panel.
   • The file is copied to the device.
   • You may choose the “Add…” button instead of dragging.
7. After the file is copied, disconnect your device.
8. On your device, the WordCruncher book will be available in your USER LIBRARY.

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