Responsive Web design

We realize web projects with the open source system TYPO3 CMS.

Responsive web design, and flexible or mobile web design called serves the contents of your online presence at all screen resolutions adapt so that it can be watched by all devices. These include PC's, laptops, tablet computer, iPad, iPhone, Android phone, etc., regardless of whether you are using your device in portrait or landscape orientation, you always have the optimal presentation.

Responsive design is a step into the future and nowadays for every indispensable, since it offers a better visibility of your products or services, please contact us we will gladly to advise you.

Websites are being increasingly accessed with mobile like smartphones and tablets, mobile devices therefore require flexible or multiscreen websites which automatically adapt to the screen size. As a modern internet agency, we support you in optimizing your website or your online shop, we also optimize your old website according to the new needs of Google and Co.

Of course meet the powerful and secure content management systems which we use all these conditions, we use modern browser compatible web design and optimized layout concepts that are optimally adapted to your needs, so that your homepage as "responsive web design" for a perfect tablet and smartphone display is shown.

If you want to earn pluses on Google, try here if your site complies with Google requirements or whether optimization potential exists.

The future begins today!

Mobile Internet, more and more gaining importance, in 2017 is expected to more than 2 thirds of all Internet accesses via mobile devices.

We make your website mobile capable thanks redesign with Twitter Bootstrap.

Whether private or business owners, we will advise you and look at the optimization of your website. Contact us!

We are partners of eRecht24

We are Partner Agency of eRecht24, eRecht24 has been a specialized lawyer for internet law issues for more than 15 years. In this way, we can provide you with further advantages, more than "just" web design, but stand aside with help and advice on questions of legal security in the network.

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