Internet security

Secure your web system against attacks from the Internet

We recommend that you regularly check your particular Internet-based systems to the security or to have it checked.

TYPO3 is one of the safest freely available content management systems, if regular updates are imported which the "TYPO3 Security Team" provides. Critical vulnerabilities should be concluded in the interests of a secure website always fast without any delay.

Keep your system up to date and avoid the risk of hacker attacks due to a security vulnerability

Timely updated CMS version reduces the risk of problems and provides optimum safety and functionality. Since TYPO3 version 8 an upgrade to PHP 7 is possible what brings a big performance boost.

We can also migrate your page to TYPO3 CMS.

If your website is hacked, we can try to help you in the shortest possible time, please use our contact form.

We will help you to keep your website on a high security standard - without high maintenance and administrative expenses at a reasonable price.

Active security monitoring for your website, order an IT maintenance contract, the costs start depending on the extent of the side at € 10.00 per month, so you are always on the safe side. The maintenance contract includes all the security upgrades from the TYPO3 core and all security updates for TYPO3 extensions which are recorded by us within 24 hours from the date of notification.

We care about IT security and timeliness of your website!

We can advise you for free and look at your website. Contact us!

If you need immediate help and support, so you can call us daily 9am till 5pm on +49 1525 4739269 You can of course send an email around the clock, we will look for it early each morning.

The TYPO3 CMS Roadmap

The TYPO3 CMS 9 Version is the new Standard Version which should be used in new projects and will be fully supported until summer 2021. TYPO3 10 LTS version is in development and should be used from April 2020 and will be fully supported with security and critical fixes until 2023.

The update in the right time is the warranty of safety for you and your site.

European General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR)

As the operator of your pages, you naturally want to fulfill the requirements and make your Internet presentations legally compliant.

We support you, talk to us.

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