Important customer information

The European General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR)

Dear customers and website owners!

The past few years and months have changed a lot in the Internet jungle, especially in the area of ​​security and privacy. And now it is becoming more and more consistent with the new European General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR), which will come into effect on May 25, 2018.

Who is actually affected? To be honest, almost all website owners are affected. I'll try to unravel it a bit further down and make it understandable for you.

As your professional internet partner we would like to inform you about the latest developments on the internet.

Network violations are easy and can be expensive.

But because of the abundance, this is usually not really to survey. Even though we have long attached great importance to appropriate security and legal compliance, the partnership with eRecht24 provides us with the desired result.

Here are the common ways to protect yourself from alerts:

  1. Non-self-created images must be licensed and labeled;
  2. The menu item "Imprint" must be created with complete information;
  3. A full privacy policy must be made available on every page;
  4. Google Analytics or other analysis tools must be removed or properly incorporated;
  5. Attention must be paid to the right integration of like and share buttons of Facebook and Co.;
  6. Domains, Slogans, Products: Trademark searches must be noted;
  7. Promotional Email & Newsletter may only be sent with consent;
  8. Contract with the Hosting Provider;
  9. For encrypted transmission of data from the contact form, an SSL certificate must be used;
  10. Software update of used system, obsolete software opens the door for hackers and to data loss.

We are partners of eRecht24

We are Partner Agency of eRecht24, eRecht24 has been a specialized lawyer for internet law issues for more than 15 years. In this way, we can provide you with further advantages, more than "just" web design, but stand aside with help and advice on questions of legal security in the network.

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