A bit of history about us and the Bahà'ì Faith

Different moments of our life

On the 23rd of May 1981 our family was started in Bobruisk, Belarus, still at the time of the Soviet Union.

On the following pages you can share some of our family's experiences.

As an example I want to tell you about a trip that took place in the beginnig of 1989 at the request of the NSA of Germany and the Universal House of Justice. Houshang Peseshkian and Helmut visited Moscow, Ashkhabad and Dushanbe. The monument of the poet Machtim Kuli in Ashkhabad stands in the place where the first House of Worship stood.

Later in 1989 we moved to Moscow. This year is also the first time after 60 years that Mr. Furutan came to Moscow again.

1990 we moved back to Minsk, Jana went to first grade.

1991 Helmut and Olga went for pilgrimage to Haifa where they had the honor to visit Madam Rabbani.

Also you can find out about all the wonderful people and the projects that led to the election of the first National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is of Belarus in 1995.

Next to all of those activities in summer 1999 a Youth Dance Project took place in Lithuania. It was a great achievement and a special experience for all of the participants.

Of course you will find different pictures of our visits to our family in Germany, like the one taken in 1999 with Janis and Jana's grandmother Martha and uncle Walter. 

The family's travels become family history

Throughout the past years our family experienced many blessings, numerous challenges turned into opportunities to experience God's guidance.

Work and Hobby

In 1986 Helmut worked as a programmer with the Siemes system "S5" in the automation of transport systems, first at BMW Dingolfing and then at a factory in Mogilev (as seen in the picture to the left). When we arrived in Mogilev Janis was 3-month and Jana 2-years old. There we stayed almost 1 1/2 years.

What's coming next

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What's new

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We would like to tell you something about us, our faith in the good, about our Hobby's and share something about our journeys.

We hope you find these pages interesting. You can find a lot to read about the Bahá'í Faith, our experiences in Belarus and other countries.

Also we share more about our lifestyle, for example our favorite bread recipe.

We hope you enjoy browsing the pages.