1989 Moscow

Revival after 60 years

After the journey to the Soviet Union with Huschang Peseschkian Helmut, Olga and the kids decided to pioneer to Moscow in the summer of 1989. This was made possible through the support of Gerd Schalfeld from Hamburg. He invited Helmut to set up a joint venture company with him and Peter Vernhout in Hamburg with branches in the USSR. Taking this chance we had secure visa and income, got a flat and could worry about spreading the Faith.

60 years later a new life for all the people who longed for God started. The year we spent in Moscow was filled with wonderful experiences and blessings. 
1990 Hand of the Cause of God Dr. Ali Akbar Furutan visited Moscow and many other cities during his trip through the USSR, 60 years later, as Shoghi Effendi promised. There he met many friends and had many contacts with the press and television.

We want to mention some old friends: Corinne and Richard Hainsworth, Olga and Gulam Kasimov, Vivienne Bogan, Stanislav Konzebovskij and especially the family of Anja and Masha Skrebzovy.

As much as possible Helmut tried to help the different travel teachers that came from the West, like Farah and Farzin Dustar, to translate and print books from the Horizonte publishing. Together we visited the then famous actor Vladimir Konkin. Vladimir was a friend of Anatoly Kiryushkin from Minsk. His daughter Olga was the first Baha'i in Belarus, she declared in 1988.

It was a special time. The pictures definitely tell more. But since Moscow is a big and hectic city and our roots are very bound to Belarus, we decided to return to Belarus in the summer of 1990.

Work and Hobby

In 1986 Helmut worked as a programmer with the Siemes system "S5" in the automation of transport systems, first at BMW Dingolfing and then at a factory in Mogilev (as seen in the picture to the left). When we arrived in Mogilev Janis was 3-month and Jana 2-years old. There we stayed almost 1 1/2 years.

The family's travels become family history

Throughout the past years our family experienced many blessings, numerous challenges turned into opportunities to experience God's guidance.

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