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Some Baha'i history and we

The family's travels become family history

1986 Helmut in Mogilev
1986 Helmut in Mogilev

Throughout the past years our family experienced many blessings, numerous challenges turned into opprotunities to experience God's guidance.

Work and Hobby

In 1986 Helmut worked as a programmer with the Siemes system "S5" in the automation of transport systems, first at BMW Dingolfing and then at a factory in Mogilev (as seen in the picture to the left). When we arrived in Mogilev Janis was 3-month and Jana 2-years old. There we stayed almost 1 1/2 years.

Some special moments in our lives

1981, 23. Mai, Bobruisk, die Hochzeit von Olga und Helmut

A bit of history about us and the Bahà'ì Faith

On the 23rd of May 1981 our family was started in Bobruisk, Belarus, still at the time of the Soviet Union.On the following pages you can share some...

1998 Helmut in Almaty, Kasachstan, im Bahai Zentrum


During his trip to Almaty in 1998 Helmut was glad to meet so many people from different backgrounds at a 10 day seminar for Auxiliary Board Members,...

1989 Ashkhabad, zum Tag des Friedens

A trip to the Soviet Union in 1989

Every Baha'i believer can tell his own story of the development of the Faith, especially when he was/is part of it. Each has his own unique spiritual...

1989 Ashkhabad Helmut und Huschang am Monument von Machtim Kuli


On the 12th of March in 1989 Helmut and Huschang Peseschkian flew from Frankfurt, changing in Moscow, to Ashkhabad, the capital city of Turkmenistan....

1989 Dushanbe, mit der Famile Mamedov


In Dushanbe, the capital of Tadjikistan, there still lived members of early Baha'i families from 60 years ago, even though during those 60 years the...

1989, Moskau, mit Hand der Sache Herrn Furutan und Freunden


In Moscow we had many wonderful meetings with friends, which met for the first time after many years in the Soviet Union, we prayed and celebrated...

1989 Moskau Treffen mit Hand der Sache Herrn Furutan

1989 Moscow

After the journey to the Soviet Union with Huschang Peseschkian Helmut, Olga and the kids decided to pioneer to Moscow in the summer of 1989. This was...

2012 Haifa, Die Familie vor dem Schrein des Bab

Our visits of the holy sites

Our family had, with God's bounty, more than once the opportunity to visit the Bahá’í Holy Places in Haifa for pilgrimage and on other occasions....

Mansion of Bahji, Bahai Schrein, Akko

Bahá’í pilgrimage

The first and supreme obligation of all Bahá’ís who visit the Holy Land is to pray and meditate in the Sacred Shrines of Bahá’u’lláh, the Báb and...

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