A wonderful start into the year 2014

Jana is serving in Haifa with a lot of joy and devotion. The vicinity to the Shrines, the challenging and fulfilling service and the many new and old friends in the Holy Land let Jana's heart beat faster.

Olga and Helmut are back in Germany. With one eye crying they have left Belarus, and with the other eye full of joy they have moved into a house near Erfurt together with Janis’s family. For Olga and Helmut it is a great pleasure to be able to spend so much time with the little Kevin and Jayden and help Janis and Asmaa to raise the kids.

A small garden and the surrounding countryside make it possible to get in contact with nature every day.

Another highlight - at the end of the year Helmut and Olga were able to visit Jana in the Holy Land.

Health, Nutrition

It was not always so easy in the healthy eating habits comply with our in all our travels. Often, however, was the basic diet in the countries quite healthy, so we have a lot, like millet and buckwheat, and hot spices, recorded with in our food habits.

What's coming next

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What's new

We have upgraded our website to the latest version, TYPO3 CMS 12 LTS, which has many other advantages including increased security and faster page loading.

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