A visit to America

Helmut visited a job-related conference in the USA and met with Baha’i friends in Cleveland, Ohio.

During a visit at Swagelok, a manufacturer of high quality precision mountings, in Solon, Ohio, USA, Helmut made a little dream – to visit America – come true. After a week of training with Swagelok Helmut had a couple of days to visit Baha’i friends in Ohio.

Helmut was surprised at the vast extend and the many highways in and around the cities, it was impossible to walk a few kilometers to meet friends. After losing his way for about 7-8 km Helmut found the only possibility to get where he wanted was to call a taxi from a police station. The region that Helmut visited consisted of private houses outside of the city with large, slightly afforested plots of land; there were no fences, which made the properties seem even larger. The people were nice and obliging, mostly comfort and utility were achieved by high technology.

Helmut met Zarrin’s parents. Zarring pioneered for 3 months to Belarus to support the Baha’i community there. Also Helmut participated at a 19 Day Feast at the place of very hospitable friends, about an hour away by car.

Health, Nutrition

It was not always so easy in the healthy eating habits comply with our in all our travels. Often, however, was the basic diet in the countries quite healthy, so we have a lot, like millet and buckwheat, and hot spices, recorded with in our food habits.

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