Smol'e - a dream

Smol'e, a dream to come true

Hello, dear ones! Let us introduce Smol'e. It's a very special place in the heart of Belarus. We spent many wonderful hours, days and weeks there and our souls rejoiced.

On the following pages you can see many pictures from the beginning till now.

Impressions from 18 years of Smol'e, here's a foretaste of the pictures. Just a few highlights of the past 13 years with all of Smol'e's wonderful friends, guests and locals, and its animals.

Belarus, for decades our homeland

Our family left a big part of our heart in Belarus. For many years this beautiful country used to be our home, many special moments have shaped us, the desire to share good with the people gave us joy.

What's new

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We would like to tell you something about us, our faith in the good, about our Hobby's and share something about our journeys.

What's coming next

Please follow the link to find the recipe for baking bread, information about Jana's service in the Holy Land at the Baha'i World Center and more news.

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We hope you find these pages interesting. You can find a lot to read about the Bahá'í Faith, our experiences in Belarus and other countries.

Also we share more about our lifestyle, for example our favorite bread recipe.

We hope you enjoy browsing the pages.