Smol'e - a dream - 1999-2001

About the youth's skills that had to be practiced first in order to be exhibited

Impressions from 1999-2000

The "One World" dance workshop was active also this year. Friends from Germany, Lithuania and Latvia came to Belarus to join us in the dance project.

The 2nd house had to be rebuilt in order to have more space for sleeping, meeting and practicing the dances. We also built a banja, a Russian sauna, for everyone to enjoy.

Impressions from 2001

Whether summer or winter, in Smol'e there's always a lot to experience! The local country life, the work with the children from the neighbor village, the practice with Chris, the summer programs with the friends from Belarus and Germany. It's the friends' spirit that attracts everyone and lets them remember those moments as special.

Belarus, for decades our homeland

Our family left a big part of our heart in Belarus. For many years this beautiful country used to be our home, many special moments have shaped us, the desire to share good with the people gave us joy.

The earth is but one country, and mankind its citizens

The words of Bahà'u'llàh "The earth is but one country, and mankind its citizens" have shaped us. The time and the world situation are constantly changing, more and more we see that tolerance and understanding for each other become essential parts of our lives. Serving the Baha'i Faith in Belarus helped us understand Bahà'u'llàh's teachings and implement them in our lives.

What's new

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Welcome to the Winkelbach family!

A meeting with friends, in the Bahá'í-Center of Erfurt, in the prayer for peace, friends from East and West gathered in memory of the many and beautiful common years.

The Bahá'í-Centrum Erfurt is centrally located in Josef-Ries Str. 11, in 99086 Erfurt and is open to all with its large rooms.

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