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Belarus in the heart of Europe

Belarus, for decades our homeland

Belarus on the world map
Belarus on the world map

Our family left a big part of our heart in Belarus. For many years this beautiful country used to be our home, many special moments have shaped us, the desire to share good with the people gave us joy.

The earth is but one country, and mankind its citizens

The words of Bahà'u'llàh "The earth is but one country, and mankind its citizens" have shaped us. The time and the world situation are constantly changing, more and more we see that tolerance and understanding for each other become essential parts of our lives. Serving the Baha'i Faith in Belarus helped us understand Bahà'u'llàh's teachings and implement them in our lives.

Between the years 1978 and 2013 Belarus was our home

Sommercamp in Smol'e 2006

Our time in Belarus

Since many years is Belarus our homeland, its wonderful people shaped us and held us tight.1978 Helmut, a 27 year old youth, went to the Soviet...

Rede von Frau Ruhiyyih Khanum im Haus der Schriftsteller

The visit of Madam Rabbani in Minsk

1993, The Hand of the Cause of God Mrs. Mary Maxwell visits Minsk. She is a prominent international public figure and the spouse of Shoghi Effendi,...

1997 Jana in den Wolken

Smol'e - a dream

Hello, dear ones! Let us introduce Smol'e. It's a very special place in the heart of Belarus. We spent many wonderful hours, days and weeks there and...

Karte mit einer Zeichnung mit den Gebäuden aus dem Jahr 2004

Smol'e on GOOGLE maps

On GOOGLE Maps you can see the forests that surround Smol'e. Unfortunately you can't see the tasty berries and mushrooms on the maps. It was great to...

1996 Wie alles begann

Smol'e - 1995-1998

Hello, dear friends! Smol'e is a very special place. Unfortunately we don't know much of its history. But we have met wonderful people, our neighbors,...

2001 Örtliche Tradition: Winteraustreiben

Smol'e - 1999-2001

Whether summer or winter, in Smol'e there's always a lot to experience! The local country life, the work with the children from the neighbor village,...

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